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Jointed 12.5" Body for Huret/Barrois/Jumeau
(click on picture to enlarge)
We are so proud of our JOINTED BODY which has taken the doll world by a storm. NOW..we are very proud to add the debut of our Jointed Body with lady hands and jointed Wrists. Each of our resin jointed 12.5 bodies move with leg, arm and shoulder articulation and can hold all poses. Our latest addition with the new articulated wrist enables your doll to hold items in her hand. We offer our bodies in three colors to compliment the head mold you want.

. Our ANTIQUE COLOR, a replica of the body fitting for the HURET doll, is as close in color as possible to the original Gutta Percha body produced by the Huret family to give the body authenticity and be the perfect body for our DAVIDA DIOR HURET. This Davida mold was named in memory of my cherished husband, David and has proven to be a joy for all who finally have a Huret of their own .

Our BLUSH body is available for Mademoiselle Adele Jumeau, our latest addition to our line of molds as well as the accompanying body for our Mademoiselle Chantelle Barrois mold.

Additionally, our very popular ETHNIC jointed body is perfect for whichever head mold you wish to create and is available with or without articulated wrists.

The resin shoulder plate that comes with your body is a very appealing blush or ethnic color to replicate the color of your bisque, making it a perfect match to any lovely Huret head. And for those of you who prefer a bisque shoulder plate, we offer a porcelain shoulder plate mold with a high fire support available in addition to the mold.

Our resin fitted shoulder plate is removable for easy attachment of the head. The shoulder plate is held in place with leather, front and back pieces called a collarette. Each doll comes with her personal COLLARETTE, gifted to you from Dollspart. These collarettes are duplicated with the appropriate stamp in the same manner as the original antique dolls. Available is the HURET, the BARROIS CLEMENTE or the JUMEAU. Each collarette is embossed to duplicate the original colors and stamping seen in Francois Theimer s very popular books on French dolls. Additionally we have collarettes for the ETHNIC bodies as well as BLANK collarettes for those fitting other heads to our body.

Our body is lightweight, durable and a pleasure to pose. We have sent via enews a listing of some of the most talented, experienced and competent doll artists who are able to capture the outstanding faces of the HURET, BARROIS and JUMEAU. If you do need that listing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also pleased to offer wigs, stockings, shoes, patterns and jewelry as well as the head molds, shoulder plate mold. paint and instruction booklets so each of you can have a HURET or BARROIS or JUMEAU of your own!!!

As specified above, each purchase of a doll body comes with the collarette of your choice as a SPECIAL GIFT. Please specify with your body purchase which collarette you would like.




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Jointed 12.5" Body for Huret/Barrois
Jointed Body- Barrois/Jumeau w/ Jointed Wrists
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